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How to Bling your own

If you purchase the 'Bling your own' kit to create your own beautiful pair of Crystal Converse, wedding Converse or Bling Converse you will receive a copy of the instructions below

Blinging Instructions

  • Remove the laces from the Converse and, using the sandpaper provided, gently sand the rubber toe section of the each shoe.

  • Using the wipe, remove the dust from the toe section .

  • Place the larger crystals in the triangle tray. Some will be upside down but a gentle shake of the tray will turn them over.

  • Sharpen the white wax pencil.

  • Open the E6000 glue using the reverse of the lid. The glue is toxic. Please read the warning label on the back of the packaging.

  • Place a very small blob of glue, about 1mm, at the corner of the semi circle of the rubber toe section and using the wax pencil, pick up a crystal and place gently on top of the glue.

  • Using the cocktail stick, gently push the crystal into the glue.

  • Repeat this round the full outline of the semi circle.

  • Once you have an outline of the semi circle in crystals, create another semi circle inside the first one. Making sure that the lines of crystals touch and don't leave any spaces.

  • Keep repeating in semi circles until you reach the centre where you may need to use some of the smaller crystals to complete the shape.

  • Allow the glue to harden overnight.

  • Using the ribbon provided. Lace up your Converse in the desired style and once laced, cut to the desired size. Using a lighter, gently heat the ends of each ribbon to prevent any fraying of the ribbon.

This is for the kit only and the Converse are not included in this kit. Betsy Bling can not be held responsible for the outcome of your project. If you are unsure then please order a pair of ready made Crystal Converse.

If you have any questions please email us at